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Pest Control and More

In addition to our premium fertilizers, we provide a carefully curated collection of pesticides aimed at safeguarding your crops from pests and diseases. Our commitment to sustainable growing is reflected in the development of effective yet environmentally responsible pest control solutions, offering you peace of mind while preserving the health of your crops and the surrounding ecosystem.

greenhouse pest control
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scouting plants for pests

Due to the constant changing of pest control products and regulations, our inventory and recommendations for pest control is fluid. For product recommendations please contact one our of our certified Pest Control Advisors. To see all pest control products we distribute please see our vendors/ suppliers page...


Insecticides are vital components of plant production, serving as effective solutions to control and eliminate harmful insects that can damage crops. By targeting pests that threaten yields, insecticides contribute to the protection of plants, fostering a conducive environment for healthy growth and maximizing crop productivity.



Herbicides are essential in plant production for managing unwanted weed growth, providing a critical tool for maintaining healthy crops. By selectively targeting and controlling weeds, these chemicals help growers maintain efficient and thriving systems, ensuring that crops receive the nutrients, water, and sunlight they need for optimal growth.



Fungicides play a pivotal role in plant production by combatting fungal and bacterial infections that can threaten crop health and yield. These specialized chemicals effectively prevent and control fungal diseases, safeguarding plants and ensuring a robust and disease-resistant environment for successful outcomes.


Plant Growth Regulators

Plant growth regulators are crucial tools in plant production, offering precise control over plant development and physiological processes. By influencing aspects such as growth, flowering, and fruiting, these regulators enable growers to optimize crop yield, enhance quality, and efficiently manage plant characteristics.



Biostimulants are valuable additives in plant production, consisting of natural substances that enhance plant growth and development. By fostering nutrient uptake, improving stress tolerance, and promoting overall plant health, biostimulants contribute to increased yields and improved quality in various crops.



Soil surfactants are essential tools in plant production, serving to address water distribution challenges in the soil. By reducing surface tension, these agents facilitate uniform water penetration, promoting optimal hydration for plants and contributing to healthier, more robust growth.

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